FFP2 face protection mask without valve 1 unit


FFP2 face protection mask without valve 1 unit



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FFP2 Valveless Mask, 1 unit

Purchasing the valveless FFP2 mask can protect you against pathogens such as viruses, such as COVID-19 and bacteria. Disposable masks without exhalation valve. Protects and limits the spread of virus contagion. It's one of the most complete to avoid it. They are the most effective not to spread and not to spread if affected. With this mask you can follow the Spanish health recommendations of wearing masks during the alarm state. It is available in our parafarmaciavillamartin.com,both in the area of Orihuela Costa, La Zenia and Torrevieja.

CE Certificate: FFP2(EN 149-201)

KN95 Certificate (GB 2626-2006)

FDA Approval (USA)

BFE >95% (Bacterial filtration efficiency)

PFE >95% (Particle Filtration Efficiency)

Returns on masks are NOT allowed unless the material has any origin problems.


It is suitable for all types of people over 3 years old. It has an aluminum nasal clip and elastic ear straps with which we will ensure a total fit.


Wash your hands or wear gloves to put on the mask. Arrange the mask on the face so that the bottom is below the chin and the nasal clip over the nose. Stretch the ear hook and separate the earmuffs hook to place on them. Check the correct mask setting on the face. Do not touch the front surface of the mask during use.

In this mask model the nasal clip is optional. With the mask comes an adhesive aluminum clip to use if necessary.


*FFP2/3 and KN95 Masks are manufactured as "non-reusable" material. In the current COVID-19 health crisis, health authorities inform us how to decontaminate this type of mask in the face of market shortages and to be able to reuse them. + info

When the mask has the slightest sign of wear or breath resistance, for your safety discard the mask. Keep these masks in an environment, whose temperature does not exceed 50o, nor is less than 9o. Keep it in a cool and dry environment, always out of reach of children.

If you have any doubts about these masks or any other product you have been interested in do not hesitate to contact us.

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FFP2 face protection mask without valve 1 unit

FFP2 face protection mask without valve 1 unit

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