Putting the earrings on your baby: we solve your doubts

We've been putting the earrings on babies for a long time now, and we know that parents have a worse time with this matter than the girls themselves, so we've decided to write this post to try to reassure you and solve all your doubts.

When to put the earrings on your baby?

In fact, they can wear earrings from newborns, in fact they used to be put in hospitals as soon as they were born and you were already going home with that subject. However, since in hospitals they have stopped putting them, we recommend waiting a little, about two months or so, simply to ensure that the slopes are centered: when they are so tiny they have the earlobe too small, and in two months they change their size a barbarity in many cases. But don't wait long, because the older they are also more restless, the more they move, and the more they know everything.

How to put the earrings on?

Of course we recommend you to go to your trusted Pharmacy. They assure you the infertility of the slopes, you will also be much calmer and explain all the care you need afterwards.

We put them on while you take the shot to the girl, whether it's the breast or the bottle. It doesn't have to be that way, of course, but we've seen that they're more still, and besides the displeasure seems to be minor and they pass much faster. We are not in part of holding them because from experience we have seen that they have worse, tend to try to move more and it is a much more traumatic experience for everyone. Therefore, if you have the opportunity we recommend doing it during the shooting.

They'll put them on with a device that's very easy to use. There are two types: one is "gun" type and the other is "stapler" type. We use this second type as we think it's more accurate, but both are equally valid.

How will the girl feel?

Well, I can't tell you for sure how he'll feel, but he'll feel pretty close since I've put on several earrings with that same system to see what it felt like. First you notice burning or stinging and the ear gets hot and red. It lasts a few seconds and then gradually decreases. After 5 minutes it will have decreased almost completely and even if you touch it it will not bother you.

But if your question is "will she cry?" I'm sorry to say yes... Yes, he will cry, because of the scare of noise, because he is not expected, by the stinging... I have ever met girls who have not cried or protested once and have followed their thing as the take, but in general they do tend to cry, although they also generally pass on right away.

What care should I take next?

It is very simple to cure: simply with physiological serum and turning to the slope as if it were a nut, or a screwdriver. You must do it several times a day, the more, the better. I advise doing it with every take or every diaper change. We advise to start as soon as possible, at 5-10 minutes you can move it.

You must not tighten the nut, because this way the slope is not nailed when lying down, and it is loose and you can move which is what it is all about.

Of course it does not bleed, does not give you a fever and can get wet without problems from the beginning.

How long should the earrings take?

About 4-5 weeks. From 2-3 weeks you can space the "cures", but keep the slopes 1 month and then you can exchange them for others. Don't leave him without earrings for long because being so recent can be closed again.

What complications can there be?

The only ones I've seen in these years have been two:

-When the slope is placed the nut does not fit properly. Like everything else, earrings are manufactured in your packaging and may have some manufacturing defect. What happens in these cases (which are very few) can be two things: 1) the slope stays on but you have to put the nut manually, which is no problem. 2) the slope does not stay. In this case you have to put the slope back on it from the beginning. Depending on the situation, the person in charge of doing so will assess whether it is better to do so on the same day or should wait.

-Let it get infected. On very rare occasions the hole becomes infected. You can tell if it turns red, it swells, and you'll notice a ball to the touch. In that case you have to remove the slope and cure the infection. When it's cured and closed, another hole can be made.

They are very unusual and not complicated situations so you can rest easy.